Josh D – The Modern Cannabis Experience


The Brand

Josh D is the ultimate modern cannabis experience that sets the standard for premium products. They sell OG Kush varietals exclusively, and grow them using stringent organic controls, industry-leading cultivation and sustainability practices, and revolutionary use of light and water. The potent, beautiful, and flavorful flowers are hand-cut and packaged with care. 

The name Josh D is synonymous with authenticity thanks to the brand's founder, Josh Del Rosso. This legend in the L.A. cannabis world has spent more than two decades nurturing his OG Kush (OG stands for Original) plants, which have been recognized for their distinct earthy and skunky aroma, as well as for as providing new and veteran smokers with the most potent, long-lasting, and consistent experience among all varietals.

Del Rosso estimates that millions of cuts have been made from clones that stem back to the original cutting he grew in 1996, and he now offers a selection of products (including jars of buds and pre-rolls) using these heritage flowers. 

Calyx Peak acquired the brand in 2019 and is proud to bring OG Kush (now sold as OGKS) to a wider audience.


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