• We’re No. 2

    We’re No. 2


    Josh D Farms, often credited with the origination of Los Angeles’ OG Kush movement, received industry-wide recognition at The Emerald Cup 2018, the most respected cannabis competition in the world, this past weekend. The company’s well-known OG Kush varietal was named #2 in the Licensed Mixed Light Flower Category.

    Founded by Josh Del Rosso, Josh D Farms made an early mark on the cannabis scene being credited as one of the originators of Los Angeles’ OG Kush movement. Del Rosso was among the city’s first cultivators to couple hydroponic indoor growing with what would become one of the most famous cannabis varietals in history. As a result, the majority of the California cannabis market is now a derivative of the exact cultivar that was made famous by Josh D Farms.

    For more than two decades, Josh D Farms has focused exclusively in cultivating products using OG Kush genetics and hydroponic horticulture techniques. Today, Del Rosso brings his rich history and expert knowledge of the strain to his connoisseur-caliber line of products. Josh D Farms is based in Southern California and operates a 180,000 square-foot cultivation facility in Santa Barbara County. The company is funded and operated by Calyx Peak Companies, a multi-state operator based in Canton, Massachusetts.

    “We’re honored to receive this type of recognition from the industry,” says Josh Del Rosso, Founder and Managing Director of Josh D Farms. “For over two decades, our team has been dedicated to sharing the legacy of OG Kush with the world. We’re incredibly pleased to be recognized by The Emerald Cup and the industry at-large.”

    The Emerald Cup prides itself in bringing together the best breeders, manufacturers, cultivators, experts and educators in the cannabis field to farmers, patients and patrons each year. It is a community celebration that has grown to become a global movement honoring the year’s finest cannabis harvest and draws more than 25,000 attendees every year.

    “Josh and his team are recognized as one of the most elite growers in the industry,” says Ed Schmults, CEO of Calyx Peak. “We’re proud to have them as part of the Calyx Peak family and congratulate them on this momentous achievement.”

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