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Investors interested in the exciting growth potential of the Cannabis space will need guidance.  What makes the industry exciting is also what makes it difficult to determine which operators, states, ideas, and licenses are worth investing into.   If you are an accredited investor looking to invest in the exciting cannabis industry, please contact us below

 TO QUALIFY AS AN ACCREDITED INVESTOR ONE MUST SATISFY ANY OF THE FOLLOWING: • $200,000 individual income / $300,000 jointly in the last 3 years • A net worth of at least $1,000,000 either as an individual or jointly


Any investment involves a number of significant risks, including risks that are specific and unique to making investments in cannabis-related enterprises.  Despite recent state law changes, marijuana continues to remain a Schedule I controlled substance under the Controlled Substances Act (the “CSA”), which became effective on October 27, 1970, such that THE SALE OR USE OF MARIJUANA (MEDICALLY OR RECREATIONALLY) IS ILLEGAL ON A NATIONAL LEVEL.  Due to the uncertainties related to the legality of marijuana, both with respect to medical and recreational uses, and the enforcement of laws related to the same, ANY ADVERSE CHANGES TO SUCH LEGALITY AND/OR ENFORCEMENT COULD RESULT IN SIGNIFICANT FINANCIAL DAMAGE TO CANNABIS-RELATED ENTERPRISES AND, IN TURN, RESULT IN SUBSTANTIAL LOSSES.


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