Entrepreneurs seeking capital.

As a Cannabis entrepreneur, it is difficult enough to manage and operate a legally licensed business. Having to fundraise for your business is a job alone in its entirety. Whether you are a cultivation operator looking for a financial partner or an entrepreneur simply looking for funds to get your ancillary idea off the ground, let the expert team at Calyx Peak Companies advise and fund you.


• Application Partnership Ventures for medical/adult-use permits in new states or locales
• Build-out funding
• Ancillary Businesses (non-plant touching)


Calyx Peak Companies seeks to acquire assets in the space or take significant investment stakes markets with a high barrier to entry. We are looking for people and businesses with the vision to lead the Cannabis industry revolution ahead of full federal legalization. When you speak with us, you will see how passionate we are about the industry and investing with operators like you.

If you are an owner, entrepreneur, ancillary start-up or operator looking for investment capital for your legal cannabis or ancillary idea, or have any other inquiries, please contact us below.

 WE HELP ENTREPRENEURS IN some of THE FOLLOWING WAYS: • Fund or acquire legal cannabis leaf touching businesses (dispensaries, productions, and cultivations) • Fund ancillary businesses associated to core operations in the cannabis space • Fund a capital commitment for your license applications • Owners looking for assistance/overhaul in managing underperforming assets in existing cannabis operations and/or businesses


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